This project is related with new emerging specifications related to the advanced transactions area like the J2EE/JEE Activity Service (JSR-95) spec. from Sun or WS-CAF or WS-Coordination/WS-Transaction from Oasis.

Download JASS 0.3.CR3

Download JASS-JBoss-Bundle Version 0.3.CR3 (36.6M)

Download JASS Source Code 0.3.CR3 (149k)

JASS Main Modules Overview

The following transaction concepts are implemented within JASS:
  • Activity Service: Implements a generic engine on top of which you can build advanced transaction models. It is based on JSR-95 JCP spec.
  • HLS 2PC:Implements the ACID transaction concept as a HLS on top of the Activity Service. It is a JTA-compliant TransactionManager, but not for production purposes.
  • HLS ONT:Implements Open Nested Transaction model (ONT) as a HLS on top of the Activity Service.
  • RD-TM:An experimental TransactionManager which can dynamically switch between different transaction models by means of rules and sensor data.


2006-06-08 21:11 - JASS 0.3.CR3 available

A release candidate for the maven based JASS Project is available. For more information do the following thinks:

  1. Download Sources (see link above) or checkout jass-jee
  2. Read the Developer HOWTO

2006-01-11 17:23 - JASS J2EE Activity Service and ONT Service 0.2 available

JASS Activity Service and the Open Nested Transactions (ONT) HLS reside now in two different projects in the CVS repository (j2ee-activityservice and j2ee-ont).
  • Some bugs on the Activity Service engine have been fixed.
  • ONT Service has been rewriten from the scratch.
In order to run, the implementation needs the JBoss application server. It has been tested with JBoss 3.2.X, but is supposed to work with all of them. The ONT project includes an example (based on a trip plan made through a travel agency) that shows the functionality of the ONT model on top of the Activity Service.

2004-04-16 20:49 - JASS J2EE Activity Service 0.1 released

Two zip files have been published:
  • The file contains the required packages and files to install the JASS Activity Service implementation, the ONT model high level service implementation and two test examples.
  • The file contains the source code.
In order to run, the current implementation needs the JBOSS application server. The complete installation instructions are detailed in the README_INSTALL file included in the .zip files.